Seafood Magic Gift Set


A collection of 4 favorite vinegars and oils to enhance your favorite fish and seafood dishes. Each packaged in a 100 ml marasca bottle. Also included is our popular ‘Catch of the Day’ Spice grinder with lemon peel and dill. This beautiful gift set is packaged in a sustainably-sourced gift box and is perfect for the holidays or any occasion!

Recipes included: Chili Mango Shrimp, Grilled Salmon with Calamansi Caper Butter Sauce, and Baked cod on a bed of seasoned rice with asparagus

Calamansi Balsam: The Calamansi, also known as the Calamondin orange, is mainly cultivated in the Philippines today. It looks like a miniature tangerine when fully ripe but is often seen and used in its unripened green state. It descends from the mandarin orange. Upon tasting, your nose is filled with the tart-acidic aromas of mandarin orange with hints of lime. Add a few drops of this fair-trade balsam to fish, chicken, or salads, or use in light sauces to give your cuisine a gold star.

Mango Balsam: Only ripe mangos of the Carabao mango variety from the Philippines are processed into an incomparable fruit puree. Our fair-trade mangos come from the tropical island of Cebu and create a fresh, fruity flavor. Rich and high-quality mango puree is used to create an excellent, fruity, and refined balsam. The mellow and sweet aroma of the tropical mangos will literally make your mouth water! This exotic vinegar is ideal for leafy salads, poultry, and wok dishes.

• Chili Oil: Infused with chilies, the subtle heat of this oil is ideal for barbeques and roasting, but can also be used in spicy dishes or salads. This oil is especially delicious when paired with a fruity balsamic that adds a spicy fruitiness to shrimp, scallops or salmon.

• Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil: We cold-press select olives and fresh, ripened lemons to produce this unique and aromatic oil. Bright with citrus flavors, our Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for finishing a wide variety of fish dishes from scallops and prawns to salmon and sea bass. This versatile oil is the perfect addition to white meat and adds that extra zing to salad dressings. Lightly toss this oil with steamed broccoli, roasted cauliflower, and sautéed asparagus, as well as other vegetable dishes, or brighten up hearty grains such as couscous and quinoa.

• Catch of The Day: Ingredients: sea salt 87%, green pepper, lemon peel 7.8%, dill 1.5%. Delicious mixture perfect for adding complementary flavor to fish and seafood dishes. 90g grinder bottle