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Becca's Ramen Noodles

Jul 05, 2020Julie Ginsler

It's Monday and what dinner could be easier than ramen? Today, we will give you a recipe and other tips to upgrade your ramen to a full meal.

Ingredients: (serves One)
• 1 Pack of Ramen
• 1/4 cup of Spinach
• 1 - 2 tsp of vomFASS Toasted Sesame Oil
• 1 - 2 tsp of vomFASS White Balsamic Vinegar
• 1 Soft Boiled Egg
• Thinly Sliced Carrots (as many as desired)
• 1 Green Onion, thinly sliced
• Sesame Seeds

1. Make your ramen per the instructions on the container.
2. Add spinach, oil, and vinegar to your ramen and stir to combine. Transfer ramen to a deep bowl.
3. Cut your soft boiled egg in half and place it in the ramen.
4. Add your carrots and then garnish the bowl with green onion and sesame seeds.
5. Serve immediately.

Other Recommendations:
- add a poached egg
- Add any vegetables you have on hand
- Garnish with nori (edible seaweed)
- Add lemon juice to brighten
- Add vomFASS Pumpkin seed Oil
- Add thinly sliced meat for more protein

Submitted by:

Rebecca Towns, vomFASS-Cary

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