A healthy, simple and tasty vinagrette

A healthy, simple and tasty vinagrette

Aug 05, 2020Paula Ayala

My friend at the gym was looking for a healthy dressing. She was very specific about a recipe without added sugars. After thinking about it, it reminded me when my sister bought an Italian vinaigrette from the store (because it was convenient). When she looked over the label, she noticed how much sugar it had; she was surprised, but not in the right way.

This inspired me to share one of the many options you could use for your dressing. Let's start with the basics: we need an excellent Oil and Vinegar; at VomFASS Wiregrass you could try all our flavors and experience the exquisite variety flavors and aromas we have available and make it your signature dressing.

This is my Grandma Lalu's vinaigrette, a healthy, simple, and tasty recipe that reminds me of the flavors I grew up with:


The ingredients for our everyday salad was lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and sliced onions; and the final touch of Lalu' salad was chopped fresh cilantro added on top of your salad. What a great aroma!

 This is a healthy, simple, and tasty vinaigrette, but if you want more ideas or easier options, Come, Look, and Taste or a wide variety of Oils and Vinegars, and we will help you create your flavor!

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