Chef Kevin's Quinoa Salad

Mar 24, 2015Vom Fass


  1. Gently toss quinoa, carrots, scallions, dried fruit and parsley until lightly coated with dressing - do not overdress!. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. If time, allow to sit for 30 minutes, taste again and re-season.  Top with nuts and serve.   

 (Pictured here is the Date Balsamic Star and Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil recipe with tomatoes, cucumber, dried cranberries, and lettuce.)

Our Tip: Don't be afraid to be creative! Great variations for this salad include:

  • VOM FASS Date Balsamic Star and VOM FASS Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • VOM FASS FassZination Walnut Oil, VOM FASS Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar with toasted walnuts and dried cherries
  • VOM FASS Fasszination Styrian Pumpkinseed Oil, VOM FASS Apple Balsamic Vinegar with toasted pumpkin seeds and freshly chopped apples
  • Add additional finely diced vegetables such as snap/snow peas, fennel bulb or seeded zucchini.

Some helpful knowledge:

  • Pasta and grain salads have a tendency to absorb flavors and should always be tasted before serving if they have been sitting for a while.
  • Quinoa cooks like a grain, but is actually an edible seed (which is why it's a complete protein).  Quinoa belongs to a species of "Goosefoot" that is closely related to spinach, beets and epazote.

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