Premium Oil Flight


This fresh and flavorful gift set features five 100ml marsaca bottles of our finest European Extra Virgin Olive Oils.  It comes ready in a sustainably-sourced gift box and is perfect for the holidays!

  • Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  Our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is both a gourmet favorite and a popular crowd-pleaser, offering the bold flavor of garlic to a wide variety of dishes. This oil is absolutely amazing with pasta, rice, mashed potatoes or use as a olive oil dip with your favorite bread choice. 
  • Don Carlos Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  This versatile Spanish olive oil comes from premium, organically grown Andalusian olives. Deep gold in color, this cholesterol-free oil boasts a delicate combination of grass, fruit, and olive notes, with a bright and peppery finish.
  • Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  The taste fresh basil gives this oil its bright flavor and delicate aroma. Fabulous with tomato salad and lettuce, as well as pasta, risotto, and of course Caprese.
  • Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  The rich aroma of this oil will transport you to the Mediterranean. Our Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a bright, distinctive flavor thanks to the slow extraction of dried rosemary. Excellent for dipping bread, roasting vegetables or add it to potato or pasta dishes.
  • San Domenico Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  This extra virgin olive oil comes from organic farming in the western part of Sicily. Besides fruity nuances, the olive varieties used - Nocellara del Belice and Cerasuola - also carry typical grassy notes and hints of green bananas. The taste of this olive oil is underlined by an appropriate bitterness and sharpness. Olives are grown in mineral heavy soil upon some of the oldest greek ruins in the world. The name comes from The San Domenico Church (translated as Saint Dominic), which is located close to the oil mill in Castelvetrano, Italy. Established in 1470, this church is affectionately called the Sistine Chapel of Sicily.