Apple Balsamic Vinegar


Don't skip this vinegar because you think it will be like an Apple Cider Vinegar. The apples for this delicious balsamic vinegar are famous! Grown in orchard meadows in the Southern Germany, these apples are not your average apples.

This fine balsamic vinegar matures for several years in oak barrels at vomFASS. The result is a wonderfully natural, slighty tangy vinegar that has a refreshing level of acidity. It will surprise you its fresh apple flavor! No fake stuff just 100% apple...100% natural.
The natural and intense power of ripe, aromatic apples gives salad dressings, marinades, sauces, and poultry dishes a flavorful, fruity touch.

Dietary Restrictions (please refer to our full description of the dietary restrictions in our FAQ)