Porcini Tagliatelle with Beef Tips

Aug 06, 2014Vom Fass


  1. Place the VOM FASS South Tyrol Porcini Tagliatelle in boiling salted water for 5 minutes.
  2. Cut the beef and mushrooms into thin strips.
  3. Heat VOM FASS Pepone Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a pan.
  4. Brown the beef & mushroom strips in the oil.
  5. Season the meat with VOM FASS Pepper & deglaze with a splash of the fruit-driven red wine.
  6. Let the beef brown, add a splash more of red wine and let it reduce.
  7. Add cream. Allow to boil and reduce.
  8. Add the tagliatelle to the sauce. Mix and finish cooking the tagliatelle in the sauce.
  9. Serve the porcini tagliatelle and garnish as desired.
  10. Serve hot!

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