Grape-Pear-Nut Salad with Crostini

Grape-Pear-Nut Salad with Crostini

Jun 10, 2014Cody Bennett


  1. Whisk honey with lemon zest, VOM FASS Grape Balsamic Vinegar and VOM FASS Grape Seed Oil together in a bowl. 
  2. Add grapes, walnuts and pear wedges to the bowl. 
  3. Wash greens and spin dry, add it to the bowl. 
  4. Add VOM FASS Salt and Pepper to taste and toss gently. 
  5. Brown baguette slices on bothsides under the grill to make crostini. 
  6. Spread the crostini generously with creamy goat cheese.
  7. Sprinkle with VOM FASS Salt and Pepper and serve together with the salad.


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