Taste of Italy Gift Set


The Italian Gift Box is filled with favorites to please every palette.  Whether you like to dip bread in oils and spices, create exquisite salads and pasta dishes, this box is fun for everyone.  We’ve included our Tricolor pasta made from fresh free-range eggs direct from South Tyrol.  Recipes included. 

  • Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  The taste fresh basil gives this oil its bright flavor and delicate aroma. Fabulous with tomato salad and lettuce, as well as pasta, risotto, and of course Caprese.

  • San Domenico Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  This extra virgin olive oil comes from organic farming in the western part of Sicily. Besides fruity nuances, the olive varieties used - Nocellara del Belice and Cerasuola - also carry typical grassy notes and hints of green bananas. The taste of this olive oil is underlined by an appropriate bitterness and sharpness. Olives are grown in mineral heavy soil upon some of the oldest greek ruins in the world. The name comes from The San Domenico Church (translated as Saint Dominic), which is located close to the oil mill in Castelvetrano, Italy. Established in 1470, this church is affectionately called the Sistine Chapel of Sicily.

  • Aceto Balsamico Platinum:  This is a truly opulent Aceto Balsamico and an insider secret for highly sophisticated cuisine. Rich, dark brown, almost black, and beguiling. This Aceto Balsamico nestles against the finest ingredients with a fruity, dense fullness. Absolutely inspiring as a fine seasoning on carpaccio.

  • Tagliatelle Italian Pasta:  This noodle specialty from South Tyrol is a wonderful Italian pasta made from fresh free-range eggs.  It is excellent in combination with fresh veggies and olive oil, shrimp and garden herbs or with smoked salmon and nuts. This pasta is part of our exquisite FassZination line and is characterized by a particularly high standard of raw material selection and manufacturing.

  • FassZination Bruschetta:  This Mediterranean spice has a deliciously intense taste of tomatoes and is delicious as a topping on crispy toasted white bread or mixed in cream cheese or pasta sauce.  This set includes a 50 gram jar of our Bruschetta. 

  • Tuscany Bread Dipping Seasonings:  Bring the Italian countryside into your home with this Italian blend.  Our Tuscan seasoning is hand-blended from salt, garlic, black pepper, onion, red pepper flakes, rosemary, basil, Mediterranean oregano, and parsley. This blend is perfect when paired with your favorite crusty bread and olive oil. This set includes a 50g jar.