Curious George Set

Our fun set includes 100 ml bottles of our Two Georges High Wheat Blended Bourbon, Two Georges Cinnamon, and Two Georges Rye.  This product is made in the USA!
    • Two Georges High Wheat Blended Bourbon: Hailing from the heart of Kentucky, this wheated bourbon Has been expertly aged in a new charred Southern American White Oak barrel. The addition of wheat in this bourbon's mash bill in place of the rye grain lends this bourbon a crisp and earthy grassy undertone that is heavily sought after by devotees of the "wheaters". This expression showcases an excellent whiskey that can be consumed neat or slightly chilled with a single ice cube.
    • Two Georges Cinnamon Whiskey: Made with a premium high-rye bourbon and flavored with a pure natural cinnamon, this spicy flavored American whiskey is sweet, spicy and complex with a nose of vanilla and caramel that gives way to an intense palate of berries, fruit, and pepper. The finish is long and velvety with the perfect amount of heat and a deep complexity that is apparent long after the drink has been finished.
    • Two Georges American Rye Whiskey: The production of this whiskey begins with rye grown in America’s Bourbon Belt and ends by being gently aged for 2 years in new charred American white oak. Produced in Bourbon County, Kentucky, the ultra-high rye mash bill (95% rye) used to produce this whiskey makes for an exciting small-batch expression with lots of complexity and that classic rye spiciness.