Against the Grain Irish Single Grain Whiskey


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The raw ingredients for grain whiskey are simply maize, also known as corn, water and yeast with perhaps a little barley to help start the distillation process. Grain whiskey is distilled in column stills in a continuous process. This is a modern method of distillation originally invented by an Irishman called Aeneas Coffey but adopted with vigor by the Scottish. Due to the nature of its distillation grain whiskey tends to have a lighter flavor than malt whiskey and its principal purpose is to be mixed with the more flavorful malt whiskey to produce an easy to drink blended whiskey. However, at the Teeling distillery the aim is to produce a grain whiskey that is good enough to drink on its own. By maturing the grain whiskey in ex-Cabernet Sauvignon and ex-Bourbon barrels they have been able to create this bottling of their Single Grain whiskey for VOM FASS with very unique and distinctive character. This is a rare combination of aged Irish Single Grain whiskey containing 50% Single Grain matured in Bourbon Barrels and 50% matured in Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels. By doing this they are äóìgoing against the grainäó by not using this to blend with Malt but instead showcasing that grain whiskey is a very interesting and unique expression of Irish whiskey.

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