Argan Oil (Organic)


Argan Oil afficionado's will tell you, finding a good Argan Oil - from a trusted source - is hard to find! vomFASS sources only the best ingredients to make this oil. Approximately 4.5 pounds of kernels from the fruits of the Moroccan argan tree are roasted, gently pressed, and filtered to obtain 1 pound of this special oil.

Argan oil is essential to Moroccan and other North African cuisines. When roasted, the argan kernel tastes slightly of hazelnuts and almonds. Use this oil for your creative recipes or as a finishing oil for couscous, lentils, rice dishes, wild mushrooms, and baked fish. Our oil is organic and cholesterol-free and is often chosen not only for its amazing flavor but for its health benefits as well.

To retain its rich flavor, Argan Oil should only be slightly heated.

Dietary Restrictions (please refer to our full description of the dietary restrictions in our FAQ)