Flavors of Italy Gift Set


The flavors of Italy gift set includes 2 x 250ml bottles of one of our of our most popular pairings.  Our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is refined with the bold taste of garlic; the Gold Balsamic Vinegar is bright, sweet yet tangy. To round out the gift set, we have included a jar of our most popular spice blend, Bruschetta. Try all three together in a dish for the perfect bread dip! The set comes tied together with the Italian flag colors. Perfect for holiday gifting.

Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is both a gourmet favorite and a popular crowd-pleaser, offering the bold flavor of garlic to a wide variety of dishes. This oil is absolutely amazing with pasta, rice, and even mashed potatoes. Drizzle over fresh bread or toast, or finish your next chicken dish with a generous amount of this oil for a new favorite. Salads are never the same after using our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the base for your dressings.

Aceto Balsamico Gold: Salads and mushrooms expectantly await their perfect complement. Overwhelming like a storm of herbs, spice, and honey, this balsamic vinegar is balanced in sweetness and acidity, with an intense aroma. The ideal partner for extra virgin olive oil or for rounding off meat sauces. Salads and mushrooms are perfected with this vinegar, or use it to round off meat sauces.

Bruschetta Spice Blend: This Mediterranean spice has a deliciously intense taste of tomatoes and is delicious as a topping on crispy toasted white bread or mixed in cream cheese or pasta sauce. This set includes a 50 gram jar of our Bruschetta.