Pistachio Oil vierge


DID YOU KNOW Pistachio Oil is….highly unsaturated, rich in vitamins and minerals, and particularly rich in naturally occurring fat-soluble antioxidants and Vitamin E. Its gold and green hue is provided by a significant amount of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. All of which can do a body good, inside and out.

Packed at the point of production, this rich extract is protected from oxygen and light until we dispense it at the store for you. This ensures you get the highest quality, most flavorful pistachio oil possible.

This especially delicate oil can be used in a variety of dishes from dinner to dessert. Try adding this oil to cream cheese frosting for cakes, or simply drizzle it over ice cream. A new and fun way to add flavor to the table.

Dietary Restrictions (please refer to our full description of the dietary restrictions in our FAQ)