Apple Balsamic Star


This vinegar will be the Apple of your Eye! Sweet with a lower acidity than a regular balsamic -- It highlights the natural flavors of ripe apples that has been made into wine, then goes through the vinegar process >> and then refined with more apple juice to make this Star.

A great base for non-alcoholic drinks, aperitifs and salads! Add a splash of this vinegar to your honey glaze for baked ham and pork recipes, add it to your homemade sauces for extra body and flavor, or try a drizzle of it on your roasted veggies with your favorite vomFASS Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We love to combinewith any of our vomFASS Extra Virgin Olive Oils or Nut Oils.

Dietary Restrictions (please refer to our full description of the dietary restrictions in our FAQ)