Mayonnaise with Pumpkin Seed Oil
Jun 11, 2014
A delicious twist on a classic mayonnaise. Total Time: 5 minutes
Mango Avocado Vinaigrette
Jun 11, 2014
A spicy, fruit vinaigrette. Total Time: 25 minutes
Image of Nutty Lemon Dressing | vomFASS
Jun 11, 2014
This blend of oils will pair well with all your favorite salads. Total Time: 5 minutes
Image of Boozy Lemon Raisin Dressing | vomFASS
Jun 11, 2014
This dressing is ideal for Italian chicken salad, romaine lettuce, fruits or mixed green salad. Total Time: 8 hours
Healthy Lemon, Nut & Seed Vinaigrette
Jun 11, 2014
This scrumptious blend of VOM FASS signature oils make this a top shelf vinaigrette. Total Time: 5 minutes
Honey Vinaigrette
Jun 10, 2014
A wonderful homemade vinaigrette. Total Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes