Vomfass USA
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Gold Medal Winners!

We are proud to announce that our Waldburg Balsam Honey Vinegar and Waldburg Star Date Vinegar have achieved the best results possible at this year’s DLG (German Agricultural Society) vinegar testing and have brought home more gold medals. VOM FASS products prove time and again to be of outstanding taste and quality. 

In 2011, the DLG bestowed the award of overall “Best Quality” to VOM FASS. The DLG awards this prize to companies that regularly receive (during a period of 10 years) the highest quality Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards for its products.

Other awards for VOM FASS include:

Gold Medal of the DLG
Sunflower Oil - Cold-pressed Organically Grown (2008) Gold Medal LowResRapeseed Oil - Cold-pressed Organically Grown (2009/08)
Santini Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2009)
Waldburg Balsam Quince (2009)
Agora Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2010)
Waldburg Balsam Honey (2010)
Waldburg Balsam Star Honey (2010)
WaldburgBalsam Pomegranate (2010)
Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil (2010)

Silver Medal of the DLG
Agora Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2008)
Madonia Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2008)
Waldburg Balsam Cherry (2009)
Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil (2009)

In addition to the DLG, VOM FASS products have also won muliple "Superior Taste Awards" from the International Taste and Quality Institute. VOM FASS founder and CEO John Kiderlen declared at the 2012 Superior Taste Awards ceremony: “We are very proud. And I am happy for all our franchisees, because the success of our partners and the entire company is based on three pillars: Our excellent concept, our dedicated franchise owners and our excellent products.

Superior Taste Award 3 Stars
Waldburg Star Apple (2012)
Waldburg Balsam Apple (2012/08)

Superior Taste Award 2 Stars gold metal
Waldburg Star Forest Raspberry (2012/10/07)
Waldburg Balsam Calamansi (2012/09)
Waldburg Star Date (2010)
Waldburg Balsam Raspberry (2009/06)

Superior Taste Award 1 Star
Waldburg Balsam Mango (2009)
Waldburg Balsam Quince (2009)