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Infused Oils

Whether grown or harvested wild, herbs, fruits, roots, and mushrooms are here in abundance – and then gone. As soon as the harvest comes to an end, we start to miss their fresh scent and taste. It was the aim of our grandmothers to harness the powers of nature’s cornucopia for hard times. And they really were ­successful – as you can see by our herb and spice oils.

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Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The lively taste of fresh basil gives this oil its bright flavor and delicate aroma. Rich, grassy no..
$7.99 per 100ml
Chili Oil, organic
Our Chili Oil is a staff favorite! Bright red-orange, with a well-rounded flavor that grows in warmt..
$4.99 per 100ml
Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is both a gourmet favorite and a popular crowd pleaser, offering t..
$7.99 per 100ml
Garlic Herb Oil
Our Herb Garlic Oil creates the perfect base for salad dressings and can be combined with any of our..
$5.79 per 100ml
Ginger Sesame Oil
This unusual, aromatic oil combines the flavor of lightly roasted sesame seeds with the fresh, citru..
$6.49 per 100ml
Infused Oil Sampler
Infuse your cooking with one of these mouth watering culinary delicacies! Each oil in our Infused Ol..
$38.49 per 100ml
Jalapeño Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The jalapeño is one of the most important chilies in North and South America. The basis for this exc..
$7.99 per 100ml
Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
We cold-press select olives and fresh lemons to produce this unique and aromatic oil. Bright with su..
$6.99 per 100ml
Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Naturally infused with fresh orange, this olive oil offers a distinctive aroma and bright, fruity fl..
$6.99 per 100ml
Oregano Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our Oregano Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a delicate aroma, a robust, woody character, and light, grass..
$7.69 per 100ml
Porcini Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our Porcini Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for occasions when Truffle Oil would overpower th..
$7.69 per 100ml
Red Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our Red Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a complex combination of bright, fruity flavor and subt..
$6.99 per 100ml